To the Top of Wells Cathedral

Come on Up, the View is Lovely!

Even those afraid of heights can experience the panoramic views across Wells and the surrounding countryside from 180 feet in the air, with our new Google Business Tour of Wells Cathedral.  We jumped at the chance to get involved in this project, spending around five days at the Cathedral and taking over 6,000 photographs to produce one of our biggest tours to date. 

And wow, what a building it is. 

With a history dating back 1,000 years, the Cathedral is a fabulous display of early Gothic architecture, full of carvings, sculpted figures, stained glass windows, tapestries, arches and hidden alcoves.  You can explore all around the entire church and cloisters area on the ground floor of the tour, climbing up through the café, library, behind the scenes in the roof space, ending right at the highest point on top of the tower.  Here, you can virtually stand outside on the roof and take in the wide-reaching 360-degree view.

The library itself felt like our own amazing discovery, as we hadn’t realised just how impressive it was going to be.  The rooms can only be viewed at appointed times during the summer, so many visitors wouldn’t normally get the chance to see the expanse of wooden flooring, panelling, ceiling beams, and row after row of bookcases crammed with historical books and archives.

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Lindsay Mann, Communications Officer for Wells Cathedral said, “We are working at making our website less of a static brochure and more of a place of visual interest.  Our aim is to bring the cathedral to life and really hold people’s attention.  This is exactly what the business tour has helped us to achieve.”

Photographing Wells Cathedral was a great job to work on, including taking the pictures from the tower - luckily we don’t mind heights!  We thoroughly recommend you take a few minutes to view the tour and uncover the building in its entirety, including enjoying the fabulous view from the top.

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Date: 30 November -0001
Author: The 360 Company