The World's Smartest Cruise Ship

Quantum of the SeasThe world's most futuristic cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas.  When the invitation to sail as a guest on its pre-inaugural voyage popped into our inbox, the first thing we did was a double take. Then we checked it hadn't been sent to us by mistake. Eventually, we high-fived each other around the office as we quickly sent back our acceptance.

There's no denying the massive rise in popularity of cruise holidays. More than 20 million passengers a year apparently, according to a quick Google search.

With Quantum of the Seas, 15 decks of the most sumptuous surroundings have been brought together with the very newest technology. Billed as the first ever 'smartship', we'd downloaded the app before we'd even arrived on board.  This allowed us to book where to eat, what to do, and what to see in advance, as well as track our luggage when we arrived.

The 18 restaurants to select from ensured we wouldn't go short of food.  We tried as many as we could, with our favourites being Izumi Japanese Cuisine with the most amazing sushi, and the succulent quarter pounders at American Icon Grill which really hit the spot.The North Star

Trying to spread our time out equally between the numerous different bars on board, we managed to squeeze in a few other activities like a good old boogie in the nightclub, a little flutter in the casino, a bump or two on the dodgem cars, the world premiere Starwater show in the amazing Two70 theatre, and a late night roller-disco session (where we discovered that, yes, we do still have 'it').

And there was no chance we were going to miss the soaring skydiving experience on the iFly simulator or the 300ft-high trip out over the sea in the North Star, a 'London Eye' type glass pod which suspended us over the ocean on a giant mechanical arm. The most incredible experience, (although probably not advisable for those who don't like heights).

Unfortunately, our time at sea came to an end before we'd had time to try everything.  So the cocktails prepared by robots in the Bionic Bar, the rock climbing, swimming, digital entertainment, trapeze lessons, and the many other activities, will all have to wait. Until our next trip...

Date: 05 November 2014
Author: The 360 Company