A Flavour of Jamaica

From a takeaway trailer to a cafe and then a restaurant in just a few years, this week's favourite virtual tour is growing business Jamrock Food in Wellingborough. Popular demand has led to the vibrant Jamaican eatery re-opening in new larger premises this April, adding a splash of Caribbean colour to the market town.


You'll spot Jamrock Food straight away by its zesty orange front door and paintwork. Step inside, and the sassy Jamaican vibes continue with the multi-coloured beach shack decor. Wooden floors and walls surround you, with the rustically panelled walls and stairs painted in a myriad of lively shades. The furniture adds to the kaleidoscopic kick with the chairs decorated in a cheerful mismatch of hues.

You could almost be on holiday as you soak up the West Indian atmosphere with a rum punch at the bar, encased by its bamboo canes and corrugated roof. If you fancy a 'sea view', have your meal in the room to the left with its simple and refreshingly painted walls accompanied by huge sun-drenched scenes of palm fringed beaches and turquoise sea.


Specialising in authentic Jamaican dishes, Jamrock Food also offers a range of meals more familiar to the English palate. Burgers, burritos and wraps are all included on the menu, but each with their own added Jamaican twist. Said owner Jodi, "Some customers feel more comfortable starting with something they're used to, although they soon move on to trying the Jamaican jerk chicken or goat curry."

The early risers amongst us can start our day with a Jamaican themed English breakfast. The JamGlish is loaded with eggs, beans, sauteed potatoes, grilled tomatoes, and tasty sounding RedStripe and onion sausages. And it's a big hit with customers.

Everything is made in-house, even down to the seasoning, with Jamrock Food producing its own home-made curry powder. It's a family business too, with Jodi working alongside her mum Joanne and brother Jordan.

Arriving in the UK 13 years ago, they've certainly brought the flavour of Jamaica with them. Jamrock Food is a colourful and lively space in which to enjoy delicious soul-filled Caribbean cuisine.

Visit Jamrock Food at 31/32 Cambridge Street, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN8 1DW. Call them on 01933 770300. Find them on the web at jamrockfood.co.uk and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Take the virtual tour below.

Date: 07 August 2015
Author: The 360 Company