A Place of Indian Beauty

A rich array of finery meets the eye the second you discover Anokhi House of Sarees in Leicester's busy Belgrave Road. Specialising in high-quality, luxury Indian sarees, wedding outfits, suits and children's clothing, this is a store overflowing with character, elegance and glamour within its myriad display of colours.

Since the 60s

The largest fashion house of its kind in the city, Anokhi is also one of the longest established in the area, opening in 1967. This well-known street is the centre of the vibrant Asian community, lined with an exciting mix of different retailers selling ornate jewellery, silks and clothing, as well as appetising sweetmeats and savouries.

Almost four decades later, Anokhi is still managed by members of the same family, continuing to offer the personal and individual service of which they are proud.

Exquisite Sarees

The eye-catching window displays on the street outside first draw you into Anokhi. Once through the doors, you're met with a display of beautiful outfits on mannequins which stand around the spacious room. A row of opulent white, silver and gold wedding suits for men line one wall, with exquisitely decorated shoes and headwear above. With many different colours being worn at Indian weddings, suits in richer hues of purple, red and blue can also be seen nearby.

Radiantly coloured sarees adorn the walls and the many lines of shelves at the back of the store. In fact, if you count the additional stock held in the storeroom, there can be anything up to a few thousand sarees in the shop at any one time. Customers can choose from just about every imaginable colour combination, in designs which are both traditional and contemporary.

Beautifully Unique

A saree is a drape, up to around 8 metres in length, which is typically worn wrapped around the waist with one end draped across the shoulder.

Although much of the sarees in Anokhi originate from India, some may be stitched and embroidered there with the fabrics and dyes supplied from countries like Spain and Italy. Depending on the fabric, embellishment and the hand-process involved in production, a saree can cost anything from around £15 to £2,000.

So that customers can fully appreciate the garments, a raised area is provided at the back of Anokhi where sarees can be laid out to be viewed in detail.

With every item in the shop a one-off original, owner Karam Modha sums it up as he explained the meaning of word Anokhi. "It means unique. If you are a bride, groom or a guest at a wedding, you want to stand out and look really special."

Whether you're looking for an off-the-shelf outfit or one that's made-to-measure, you're sure to find something beautiful and exclusive here.

Visit Anokhi House of Sarees at 99-101 Belgrave Road, Leicester LE4 6AS. Tel: 0116 266 6622. Find them on the web at anokhisarees.co.uk, on Twitter at @AnokhiSarees, and see some of their fabulous sarees up close on Facebook and Instagram.

Date: 21 August 2015
Author: The 360 Company