A Storming Great Tattoo Studio

Star Wars fans, we're pretty sure you'll love this new tour as much as we do.

As you might expect from an industry made up of those with the talent to produce intricate artistic etchings onto skin, the incredible creativity of tattoo businesses is not only clear from their finished work but also from the studios in which they work.

With its black and gold paint, and business name displayed in bold, florid wording on the street outside, Death Row Tattoo is no exception to the inventive surroundings we've come to expect from a place of ink.

Here, they've gone one step further and dressed up for the occasion, too. Spot a few Stormtroopers in various different parts of the tour as you make your virtual way around.

Movie Memorabilia

Take your first steps through Death Row Tattoo's doors and enter into an impressive waiting area. Glossy tiled floors and walls, along with dark embossed wallpaper cover the surrounding surfaces. The large window and numerous spotlights ensure it's not a shadowy space, however. Add to this the ornately framed traditional and contemporary portraits, heavy mirrors, animal and human skulls, and glass display cabinets containing curious artifacts, and it's clear you've come to an imaginative place.

Once inside, use your mouse to turn back around and you'll spot the first Stormtrooper perched on the edge of the long leather sofa. Further in and there's another futuristic soldier hard at work producing a tattoo in the first inking booth.

Continue down the long, picture framed corridor deeper into the Tardis-like interior and you'll find the next Stormtrooper poised and ready to shoot. This one changes position as you navigate your way around the space. At the same time, another couple of characters appear to be having a chat in the room at the far end of the hall.

Film buffs amongst you may also notice other movie memorabilia on the way around. Boba Fett, Alien and Pinhead from Hellraiser are amongst some of those we could spy.

Tattoo Portfolio

A multi-award winning tattoo and piercing studio, Death Row has its own resident tattooists, plus they regularly showcase 'guest' artists from around the world. Check out some of their amazing work on their website and Facebook page.

Find Death Row Tattoo at 256 Ashley Road, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset BH14 9BZ. Tel: 01202 733633.

Date: 18 September 2015
Author: The 360 Company