Butchers in the Buff

Is this where the Naked Chef Buys his Meat?

With more and more businesses recognising the advantages of having a virtual tour, we've seen a few creative touches being added to some to help them stand out even more. 

There's been the occasional use of a Prince Harry mask, a cow costume, racing helmets, cats, dogs and other animals to give an extra, eye-catching feature to a tour.

But it's hats (or rather, clothes) off to Andrews Quality Meats at Marlborough in Wiltshire. They've come up with their own unique way of commanding our full attention. 

Take a peek at their virtual tour below and you'll see exactly what we mean.

"We thought it would be good fun and a bit of a giggle," said director, Andrew Ayris. "We sell good quality meat here and we take pride in what we offer, and we know that when it comes to advertising it helps to do something quirky. 

"So, I said to the boys, ' How about doing this?' and they said 'Yeah, why not?'" 
Andrews Quality Meats

No strangers to undressing in public, the butchers also featured in a naked calendar a few years ago with their nearby branch in Highworth, helping raise money for MacMillan Cancer. 

We can't promise the same level of exposure when you call in the shop, but the sense of anticipation could be fun all the same. Here they are on the right, pictured as you're most likely to meet them (Bernie, Jake, Robert and Andy).

Thanks for brightening up our day with a great virtual tour, guys.

Date: 24 March 2015
Author: The 360 Company