Striking a Yoga Pose

We love a virtual tour which features people in it. Yes, we know we have to blur out the faces, but it's still a great way to provide the feeling of movement and energy while you take a look around.

There are plenty of people featured in the tour of YogaWest studios in Bristol. They've cleverly arranged their tour so that you can see a yoga class in action. Stand at different points in one of their workout studios and you can see class members setting up, stretching, balancing on one leg and even standing on their heads.

If that's a little too much online activity for you, take a virtual visit the room next door and see how an empty studio looks when it's laid out with equipment ready for attendees to arrive.

Stretching through the Week

Tucked away in a leafy lane just off Bristol's buzzing Gloucester Road, you'll find the entrance to YogaWest under a wooden pagoda. If you're making your way on the internet via Street View, their pumpkin coloured VW Traveller parked out front will help make sure you don't miss them. Meander along the bamboo-lined driveway, past the flower beds and the pretty wooden seated terrace area, and make your way to the front door.

The sunny theme continues inside, with a warming hue coming from the soft orange painted walls and rich golden wooden floors and ceilings. Pop your shoes on the shelves conveniently provided just inside the front door, then wander through to the reception and shop or to one of their two studios.

Originally a British Legion Club, this spacious and airy venue is where yoga enthusiasts come to practice lynegar yoga. 50 classes are run over seven days of the week in this popular exercise which focuses on posture and breath control to develop strength, flexibility and balance. Lyengar yoga also uses props, such as belts, blocks and blankets to help in the performance of posture and minimise the risk of strain or injury - many of which can be seen in the tour.

Exercise for the Mind, Body & Spirit

The benefits of yoga are well documented; in addition to improving posture and strength, it's also known for lowering blood pressure and stress. And, don't worry, you don't have to be naturally bendy - attendees are welcomed from all levels, ages and physical abilities.

So whether you're looking for a workout, a relaxation technique, to get in touch with your spiritual side, or perhaps all of the above, we recommend you take the tour of YogaWest and see what it's all about. Hopefully, it will inspire you to drop in and give it a try for real.

Call in to YogaWest at Denmark Place, off Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7 8NW. Tel 01179 243330. Find them at, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Date: 09 October 2015
Author: The 360 Company