Why Getting it Right on Google Matters

How to correct business info on Google My Business, Maps & Street View

Making sure your business stands out in Google searches is an essential part of today's marketing. With so many people using Google as their primary search engine, can you really afford not to keep your listing up-to-date?

Details about your business are held on your Google My Business page, Google Maps and Google+, helping it get found on the internet. Occasionally, you may find that parts of the information are incorrect or out-of-date. Some of this can be changed yourself but, where it can't, you'll need to report any issues directly to Google to request amendments.

Google Business Listing

If you want to change/add details to your business listing, the first thing you must do is make sure you have verified ownership of your Google My Business page. To do this, login to your Google account (or use this link to set one up), go to your page and click the option to 'Manage this page', then follow the instructions from there.

Once verified with Google, you'll be able to make amendments and additions to the information on your page.

Here's a link to Google's instructions on verifying a business page.

Unsure if you've got a Google My Business page? Check if you have a page here and, if you don't, then use the option to 'Add your business' and follow the instructions given.

Google Maps

Google Maps Main MenuFor incorrect or missing information, go to Google Maps and find the area you're looking for. In the top left corner click on the 3 horizontal lines for the main menu. You will then be given various options, including:

  • Report a data problem by clicking on the area in question or add a missing place/business
  • Send general feedback
Google's instructions on how to edit/report issues with Google Maps and business details listings can be found here.

Street View

If you want to report an error about a business on Street View, first you'll need to locate the details on Google Maps and then select 'Suggest an edit' on the top left hand box of your screen (see image on right). A box appears which allows you to suggest changes or enter comments.

If you want to report an issue with a particular image on Street View, go to the relevant image and click the vertical line of 3 dots at the top left of the screen. Select 'Report a Problem' and a menu will appear with the option to report a number of issues (see image below right).

Want us to do it for you?

Don't want to do any of the above yourself? Ask about our Google Presence Management service and we'll take care of it all, including keeping your details up-to-date.

Date: 06 July 2015
Author: The 360 Company